Attention Holiday Shoppers: Support Habitat for Humanity, SF/SCV Through Online Shopping Without Spending an Extra Cent!

Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys is partnering with to make your Holiday Season a little Brighter! This season and all year round when you do your online shopping through, up to 10% of your purchase from websites like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s and more will go back to Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys.

This program will help fund our Habitat for Heroes Campaign, where we are trying to raise money to build 99 homes in two veteran “enriched” communities for veterans in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. These single-family, affordable homes will be in a neighborhood with a community playground, urban garden and 12-24 months of what we call “enrichment” services; social services provided to the families in the communities, free of charge, to help move the low-income families out of a constant cycle of struggling, into the middle class.

To shop through SupportingPals simply follow the directions below. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to support Habitat for Humanity, SF/SCV through this great program!

The way the website works is simple.  You register with and select Habitat for Humanity, SF/SCV.  Next you start shopping online at Target, Macy’s, Amazon, or thousands of other online stores and merchants as listed on  Up to 10% of the money you spend will then be donated to Habitat for Humanity, SF/SCV, without an extra penny out of your pocket; the funding for the donations comes solely from the merchants.  Furthermore, many of our shoppers find that they will in fact save money via the promotions, free shipping, and thousands of coupons available on  Please visit for further information.

About SupportingPals is a project that came to life to help resolve the loss of funding for schools and non-profit organizations.  Many schools and organizations are in desperate need of additional funds in order to continue operating at their ideal level, without slashing programs and projects.  Many people would love to give to such organizations, but financial constraints make them reluctant or even unable to do so.  This is where SupportingPals comes in; is a program that allows you to donate to a school or an organization of your choice, without actually spending an extra cent.

About Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys
Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV is a separately incorporated affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. HFH SF/SCV’s affiliate is one of only 5% of Habitats internationally that have built or rebuilt over 100 homes (with 215 in history). Even fewer Habitats build large neighborhoods of homes, and no other does so in an enriched environment that teaches a 12-month program of targeted self-sufficiency skills. Habitat is currently working on their 9th and 10th neighborhoods in North Los Angeles County as part of their veteran housing initiative “Habitat for Heroes”.